» 36 Dice

Welcome to! Starting this spring, will be home to lots of games! Specifically, dice games. The first game to use the 36-Dice system is Sixis, which is for sale on our main website. It comes with, as you may have guessed, 36 dice (six-sided). Six each in six different colors to be exact: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, White, and Black. While dice aren't super expensive, they're not cheap either -- the idea behind the 36-Dice system is to create lots of games you can play with them. Some will be pure dice games, some will require a small number of other components (like the 18 cards in Sixis).

36-Dice is a system open to everyone! You can make games for free or for profit, and you're welcome to use the 36-Dice logo on packaging. You're even welcome to package up 36 dice in those colors and sell them yourselves (It'd be super cool if it became popular enough for stores to start doing this).

We've set up a mailing list for interested developers, players, or people who just like dice. Sign up if you'd like to hear more in the future.